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Éva Tessza Udvarhelyi

Higher education

--- 2007-present Graduate Center, City University of New York

• PhD in Environmental Psychology expected in September 2013
• Dissertation title: Injustice in the Streets – The criminalization of homelessness in Hungary

--- 2012-2013 Center for Place, Culture and Politics at the Graduate Center, City University of New York

• Dissertation writing fellow
• Weekly seminar focus: Urban uprising

--- 2007-2011 Graduate Center, City University of New York

• MPhil in Environmental Psychology
• Thesis title: Reclaiming the Streets – Redefining Democracy. The Politics of the Critical Mass Bicycle Movement in Budapest

--- 2011 Central European University

• Doctoral Support Program
• Participation in doctoral colloquium
--- 1999-2006 Eötvös Loránd University

• M. A. in Cultural Anthropology
• Thesis title: “The Clean Residents of a Dirty Town: The Anthropological Study of the Segregation of Public Spaces and the Concept of Cleanliness in Budapest”

--- 1998-2006 Eötvös Loránd University

• ABD in American Studies

--- 2006 Central European University - Summer University

• The Market and the City: Commercialization and Urban Restructuring – in Theory and the Field

--- 2003 Central European University - Summer University

• The Roma: Bringing together historical, anthropological and linguistic approaches

--- 2001-2002 Trinity College

Other educational experience

--- 2011 Antipode’s 3rd Institute for the Geographies of Justice

--- 2008-2009 International House

• International Leaders Program

--- 2006 Kapocs Youth Self-Help Service

• Professional methods of helping young people with insufficient institutional ties

--- 2006 Partners Hungary Foundation

• Mediation in social institutions

--- 2006 Artemisszió Foundation

• Introduction to the intercultural approach

--- 2005–2007 Centro de Informação e Documentação Anti-Colonial (CIDAC)

• Long-term training for trainers in development education

Teaching experience

--- 2013 Kingsborough Community College

• “Introduction to anthropology”

--- 2011 ELTE University Department of Intercultural Psychology and Pedagogy

• “The dimensions of culture”

--- 2011 Corvinus University Special College on Social Theory

• “The psychology and anthropology of space”

--- 2008-2011 Hunter College

• “Urban Life”

• “Urban Social Movements”

Work Experience

--- 2008-present Artemisszió Foundation

• Intercultural trainer

--- 2011 Menhely Foundation

• project coordinator of “Key-holder” program

--- 2002-2007 Artemisszió Foundation

• Youth programs coordinator

Community Activities

--- 2009-present The City is for All

• Co-founder & member

--- 2008-2009 International House

• Resident Roundtable Fellow

--- 2005-2008    Man on the Street - Volunteer network for the support of homeless people

• Volunteer

--- 2004-2005 Rota Jovem Youth Association

• Volunteer


Native: Hungarian    Fluent: English        Advanced: Portuguese        Intermediate: French

Selected English-language publications:

2018. Harassing the poor: Orbán's fight against homelessness. Green European Journal

2018. Building a movement for the right to housing in Hungary. Urban Research and Practice

2015. "You people would keep on dwelling": Twentieth century responses to homelessnes in Hungary from above and below. Journal of Urban History Vol. 41(4) 693-710.

2014. Criminalising the Homeless – A State Strategy in Hungary. New Left Project

2014. “If we don't push homeless people out, we will end up being pushed out by them”: The Criminalization of Homelessness as State Strategy in Hungary. Antipode 46:3.

2013. Intercultural barriers in credibility assessment In Credibility Assessment in Asylum Procedures – A Multidisciplinary Training Manual (p. 105-128) edited by Gábor Gyulai. Helsinki Committee.

Mariann Dósa – Éva Tessza Udvarhelyi. 2012. The increasing criminalization of homelessness in Hungary. Housing Rights Watch. 4: 7-11.

2011. Reflections on a Politics of Research for the Right to the City. International Review Of Qualitative Research 4(1): 383-402.

2010. Man on the Street: Anthropology, citizenship and the fight for housing rights in Hungary. Practicing Anthropology (32)2: 18-20.

2009. Reclaiming the Streets – Redefining Democracy. The Politics of the Critical Mass Bicycle Movement in Budapest. Hungarian Studies 23(1): 121-145.

2007. Spatial Stigma and the Discourses of Order and Cleanliness. Remix: Damage, Shame and Resistance. E-Journal. Fall: 88-114.

2004. The symbolic Politics of Westend City Center in Budapest. In La ville, ses cultures, ses frontiéres. Démarches d’anthropologues dans des villes d’Europe, edited by Alain Battegay, Jacques Barou, and András A. Gergely. L’Harmattan. 123-146.

Éva Tessza Udvarhelyi – Nikoletta Nagy. 2008. “Man on the Street” Reflections on the Role of Activist Anthropology in Urban Grassroots Politics. Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural Systems and World Economic Development, 37(2): 139-174.

Török, Ágnes – Éva Tessza Udvarhelyi. 2006a. Social Exclusion: Excluding Others - Excluding Ourselves? - A Search for the Role of the Anthropologist at Home. Anthropolis, 3(2): 48-71.

Udvarhelyi, Éva Tessza – Ágnes Török. 2006c. The Dirty Residents of a Clean City. Anthropology News. February: 60.

Selected English-language presentations

March 2013 After the Urbanization of Shock Therapy: Southeast Europe and the European Crisis, The New School, New York City

• Presenter: Authoritarian populism in Hungary: restructuring, crisis and housing in Hungary

December 2012 Urban Uprising - Re-imagining the City, Graduate Center, City University of New York

• Presenter: Fighting for the right to the city in Eastern Europe: lessons and contradictions

November 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (San Francisco)

• Presenter: Poor or deviant? State responses to housing poverty in post-socialist Hungary

2012 Mapping Neoliberalism and its Countermovements in the Former Second World

• Presenter: Is the revolution necessarily urban?

April 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Geographers (Seattle, WA)

• Presenter: Giuliani Time in Budapest. The consolidation of anti-homeless practices and discourses in Budapest.

June 2010 Erasmus Staff Week – ELTE University (Budapest)

• Presenter: International Mobility as a Source of Intercultural Learning

April 2009 Surveillance Societies: What Price Security? (New York City)

• Presenter: Lens to Lens: Surveillance and Counter-surveillance in the New York City Critical Mass movement (with Liane Nikitovich)

March 2009 Global Challenge, Local Action: Ethical Engagement, Partnerships, and Practice (Santa Fe, NM)

• Presenter: “Man on the Street:” Lessons from an experiment in social justice activism and activist Anthropology in Hungary

March 2009 Global Challenge, Local Action: Ethical Engagement, Partnerships, and Practice (Santa Fe, NM)

• Presenter: Betwixt and between: The challenges of translation between the Critical Mass movements in New York and Budapest

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